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Read the transcript from our December 6, 2001 interview with George Grant
Topic: An Overview of the History of Islam

Vitae: George Grant

George Grant, Ph.D., D.Litt. is professor of Moral Philosophy at Bannockburn College, editor of the
Stirling Bridge newsletter, coordinator of the Covenant Classical School Association, and instructor at Franklin Classical School, Knox Theological Seminary, and the Gileskirk School. He is the author of dozens books in the areas of history, biography, politics, literature, and social criticism and he has written hundreds of essays, articles, and columns. His work on behalf of the homeless, for international relief and development, and for the sanctity of life has been profiled in such varied media outlets as ABC's Nightline, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, CBN's 700 Club, the Coral Ridge Hour, Point of View, C-NET's Family Insight, Focus on the Family, CNN's Crossfire, Family News in Focus, Moody Monthly, and Christianity Today.

In addition to his regular classes in history, literature, theology, and the arts, he maintains an active writing and speaking schedule in this country and around the world. He has studied Political Science at the University of Houston (B.A.), Theology at Midwestern Seminary, Literature at Highland College, and Philosophy at Whitefield Theological Seminary (M.A., D.Litt., Ph.D.). He makes his home near Nashville,Tennessee with his wife and children.

Some of his more recent books include: The Micah Mandate: Balancing the Christian Life, Shelf Life:
How Books Have Changed the Destinies of Men and Nations, Going Somewhere: A Novel, The Christian
Almanac: A Dictionary of Days, and Garden Graces: How the Tasks of Gardening Have Shaped Art,
Music, and History.