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Audiobook Recommendations


This page came about as a result from the Love to Learn Place Community requesting a place to go where it would be possible to find reliable recommendations for audiobooks that are and have been enjoyed by others in the Love to Learn Place Community.  


Audiobooks, or the age old art of storytelling, aids the listener in sharpening audio skills.  No longer will you need to explain to your student the importance of storytellers in history since they are experiencing storytelling first hand.  Audiobooks aid in vocabulary building, learning new and various phraseology, accurate pronunciations of complex words, dialects, plus technical and foreign language terms.  They reinforce the link between the spoken and printed word as well as assisting in comprehension skills encouraging the listener to develop their own reading voice.  The term word pictures or imagery suddenly make sense as the listener is creating their own word pictures while listening to the story.  Interestingly, reading fluency tends to increase as well as improving reading level and independent reading skills.  Audiobooks foster the notion that stories are a great form of entertainment along with helping to interpret a story.  You may want to consider taking an audiobook with you the next time you need to take a long car trip.  Audiobooks are also wonderful to listen to while settling down to go to sleep at night.

Abridged audiobooks are preferred as a student will gain more by comparing/contrasting an abridged audiobook with the book and a 1930s-1940s movie.  In this way, a student becomes more familiar with the story, plot, characters, etc.  It is important for a student to comprehend that storytelling or literature is a form of entertainment.  

The three instances where unabridged audiobooks (or the complete book) are recommended are:  

1.   Shakespeare*

2.  The Authorized King James Bible
listen to Alexander Scourby read the Bible

3.   The Screwtape Letters by C. S. Lewis 

(*Special Note:  It is important to note that one of Shakespeare's plays has never been performed unabridged or completely!)

Now, on to specific recommendations!  

Just click on the area you are most interested.  As you click open each area, you will notice that a PDF file of those audiobooks are made available for you to print off and take to the ...

(1) library (and, if necessary, to do an inter-library loan),
(2) to your favorite book store to order, and/or
(3) give to various family members hinting strongly you would like them for your birthday/Christmas/Easter/anniversary/or other special holidays (I recommend you highlight those audiobooks you desire the most it seems to help family members).


Bible / Theology

Children's Litearture













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