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Ye Olde Pirate Treasure Hunt Rules



Beginning July 19th, a new clue and secret message will be posted every day, Monday thru Friday, on the Ye Olde Pirate Treasure Hunt webpage. There are two separate hunts, one for the Buccaneer Hunters who have not yet passed their ninth birthday, and one for the Persistent Privateers who have passed this milestone; so a separate clue for each group shall be posted. On the first day of Ye Olde Pirate Treasure Hunt, both the Buccaneer Hunters and the Persistent Privateers will have the same clue that needs be answered in order to join the crew.

To complete each voyage or journey, ye must search for the answer using the given secret message. When ye find the answer, ye needs to e-mail me and, using complete sentences and proper letter format (pirate lingo and grammar is fine), tell me what ye have discovered. Upon receiving a correct answer, I will send you confirmation of your success and a single, alphabetical letter which shall be used in a JUMBLE puzzle at the end of the Ye Olde Pirate Treasure Hunt. KEEP these letters as they shall be needed at the end. There will be no JUMBLE puzzle letter given for the first clue - that one is simply to test your sea-worthiness.

In addition to the first clue that will be common to both groups, the Buccaneer Hunters will have seven (7) voyages to complete, and the Persistent Privateers will have nine (9) journeys. On the day the last deed or task is posted for each Hunt, I will also post on the Kid's Message Board and the Christian Homeschooled Teen Board at 1:00 p.m. Eastern (12:00 p.m. Central, 10:00 a.m. Western) a clue for the final JUMBLE puzzle, and letter guides to indicate word spacing on this same puzzle. Ye needs to unscramble the letters which I have sent to you in order to solve this JUMBLE, and the first person to e-mail me the answer to the JUMBLE for each of the Ye Olde Pirate Treasure Hunt shall be the winner of his or her age group. All of your voyages or journeys must be completed before ye can e-mail me the answer to the final JUMBLE puzzle.

Here is a sample of a JUMBLE puzzle. Ye may have received the letters I N R F S E C O L E S I, and the clue may be:

I heard stories of a vast land across the great sea in the west, and sailed there around 1003 with my crew in a longship. Once there, we named this new land Vinland." The letter guides which you would have received for this puzzle would have been.

                   __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

And the answer to this JUMBLE is Leif Ericsson.


I pray that the Lord who did make all the oceans and the creatures that live within the sea may shine upon your countenance, give ye courage, and keep ye from descending into Davy's Locker.

Cap'n James and First Mate Patch

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