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Cap'n James and Patch


Ye Olde Pirate Treasure Hunt




Read The Strange Tale of Cap'n James' Portrait

Pirate Treasure Hunt Rules

Welcome swabbie! My name is Cap'n James and this here is me first mate, Patch. So, ye are a-wantin' to sail the Seven Seas and bring those rogues and villainous scurvy scum to justice?! 'Tis a dangerous undertaking to be sure mateys. In fact, I have not quite decided yet if it is courageous or foolhardy. Those scurilous dogs are dangerous and reckless, but it appears as if ye are determined. Before ye can set off on your voyages and journeys to various ports o' call, though, ye must have a fine ship. Sir Francis Drake himself has told me that if ye will but name his famous ship that circumnavigated the world, he will lend it to ye for the hunt.

Oh, I spotted this bottle on the shore today and it appears to have a message in it. What say ye .... shall we take a look mateys?


                                 Ye Olde Port o' Call

 Buccaneer Hunters    Persistent Privateers
Voyages                          Journeys
   (ages 9 & younger)           (ages 10 to adult)

Voyage #1
Ahoy, mateys! Ye must know a few terms afore we set sail. All ye that be young ladies, step to the starboard side of this here ship, the Golden Hind, and ye young gents wander on over to the port side. Now, let us see what manner of sailors that ye be. Can ye tell me which side of the ship the lassies are on and which side of the ship the lads are on (left or right), looking straight ahead toward the bow?

Secret Message in a Bottle #1
If ye happens not to know yore way about the ship yet, go on and tag along with me first mate Patch to be larnin' these things.

Jumble Puzzle Letter: I

Voyage #2
Shiver me timbers! I did not expect to see you again, Buccaneer Hunter, after yore last voyage dealing with those venomed knotty-pated, beetle-headed, paunchy dizzy-eyed swag-bellied pyrates and buccaneers! What ho ! ye wants to go on another voyage? I am inclined to wonder if ye are light minded. It seems that ye be determined. Port Royal, Jamaica, was known in the 17th century as "the wickedest city on Earth". On 7 June in the year of our Lord 1692, Port Royal receivéd divine retribution for being a wicked city and safe-guarding pyrates and buccaneers with half of the city sinking into the sea. Tell me, Buccaneer Hunter, what form of divine retribution hit the "wickedest city on Earth"?

Secret Message in a Bottle #2
Pssssssssssssssst ..... Buccaneer Hunter .... stay ... by your leave I will give ye a clue as I do not have a fancy to see ye being shanghaied by those accurséd pyrates.

Jumble Puzzle Letter: M

Voyage #3
Well done! Thy prayers and Bible reading have kept ye. Ye must be very clever indeed, Buccaneer Hunter, to have escaped the clutches of those warped full-gorged boar-pig pontificating fool-born malt-worm cutthroats! Since ye will not be dissuaded from catching those miscreant pyrates we need to carry on. On the dangerous shores of the Outer Banks off of Cape Fear River of the Carolinas during the colonial days, pyrates and ne'er-do-wells congregated. Let us see how clever ye are matey, tell me the name of this infamous place.

Secret Message in a Bottle #3
Cap'n James' first mate, Patch, has grown a fancy to ye, Buccaneer Hunter, and has ordered me to give ye a clue. May God save ye on yore journey!

Jumble Puzzle Letter: A

Voyage #4
I see that God has spared yore life again! By yore leave, Buccaneer Hunter, why don't ye just stay on board the Golden Hind and belay (stop) chasing those miscreant scoundrels? Ye will only end up being flogged, keel hauled, or having ye throat cut by those villanious pyrates and buccaneers! Oh well, as ye will .... but be it never said that ye were not WARNED! There be many pyrate flags about, but they all carried the same message. What be ye message of a pyrate flag, Buccaneer Hunter?

Secret Message in a Bottle #4
Cap'n James has grown accustomed to ye and yore countenance. He hast commanded that ye be given a clue.

Jumble Puzzle Letter: C

Voyage #5
ALL HANDS ON DECK ! Man the guns! Ship ahead flying the Jolly Roger. Oh, it is that worm-eaten, dog-bitten scalawag, the Captain of the Queen Anne's Revenge. Look in the glass, mateys, and ye will see a frightening sight -- the captain of that pyrate ship has lit candlewicks in his hair. He does that on purpose to make himself look more terrifying to his victims. Fear not, our Lord shall protect us, and we shall be victorious against this vile rogue and his companions. They shall be hangin' from our yardarm by nightfall! Canst ye tell me, sailors, what is the name of this fearsome pyrate?

Secret Message in a Bottle #5
If ye be needin' a clue as to the identity of this evil, fly-bitten, elf-skinned miscreant, just take a peek over here, but be quick about it and don't let the Cap'n see ye loafin' around!

Jumble Puzzle Letter: A

Voyage #6
Avast ye Buccaneer Hunters! Ye have fought the good fight, and now it be time for shore leave. Beware of scurrilous cutthroats whilst ye are ashore on leave. And, afore ye leave, bring down the sails and roll 'em up tight. Quick, matey, tell me what kind of knot that ye will use to tie up them reefers (sails)?

Secret Message in a Bottle #6
If ye be quick and bright, there is an old sailor below decks teaching all the new hands their knots. Go here to find him.

Jumble Puzzle Letter: J

Voyage #7
Look there now at the sea, Buccaneer Hunters. Do ye see the strange bright color that it has now? Can ye name the strange creature that makes the sea change its color and tell me the funny name that scientists now call this wondrous effect? It does make one ponder the Creator of all things when one comes across His beautiful creatures and the sights of His sea.

Secret Message in a Bottle #7
I have been secretly passéd a clue to give ye from one of the Golden Hind's crew. Shhhhhhhhhh !!!! Not a word or I might be swabbing decks till next month!

Jumble Puzzle Letter: A

Jumble Puzzle Question

After years of successful piracy, Henry Morgan was captured and made to stand trial in England. However, King Charles II. pardoned him and even made him a knight. Thus, we now call him Sir Henry Morgan. After this, Sir Henry went back to an island in the Caribbean where he was made the governor. What is the name of this island?

__   __   __   __   __  __  __


Journey #1
Yo ho, new recruits, ye have been conscripted to sail on me ship, and afore we can sail out of dock, I must be sure that all hands know their way about the ship, the Golden Hind, and can handle the sails and rigging. Can ye tell me now the names and locations of three different decks on board that ye shall have to be swabbing all along our journey? Also, what does it mean when I tell ye to "Go Astern?"

Secret Message in a Bottle #1
Now, there's no need to get knobby-kneed with fear. If thou art willing, there is always a way. A clue has been hidden for thee belowdecks.

Jumble Puzzle Letter: T

Journey #2
So, ye think ye can survive amongst cutthroats, jackals, and scurilous knaves? Be ye warned! 'Tis a dangerous thing ye be doin' ... to be amongst pyrates! Do ye know how to pray? Do ye have your Bible? Good ... that is something anyway. Ye next port o'call me mateys is to tell me what is a "pyrate", "buccaneer", "privateer", and "corsair".

Secret Message in a Bottle #2
Do not let first mate Patch know, but here be a clue for ye. Though this clue has a thin veneer of legality, even this will not help ye if ye fall into the hands of those villainous cutthroats!

Jumble Puzzle Letter: F

Journey #3
'Tis grand to see ye are safe in life and limb after your last journey. Are ye sure ye want to continue? Ye are either marvellous brave or simple! Yo ho, then, Persistent Privateer, let us proceed. Multitudinous and divers pyrate tales have come down to us through word of mouth. 'Tis true many pyrates and buccaneers were illiterate. 'Tis also well known that sailors can spin a good yarn ... aye, many a lie be told if spun proper. Nevertheless, matey, some pyrates and buccaneers turned author ... more's the pity. Tell me the names of at least three (3) pyrates and/or buccaneers and what be their years of birth and death that turned author.

Secret Message in a Bottle #3
Cap'n James is a good sea dog and the salt of the earth, but to go amongst those scurvy, theiving scum ... pyrates and buccaneers ... without a clue is foolhardy in the extreme and sure to land ye at Davy Jones' Locker! Do not let good Cap'n James know that I have told ye he has provided ye with a clue, or I'll be swabbing the decks for a month!

Jumble Puzzle Letter: E

Journey #4
I see those scurrilous knaves and jackals did not shanghai ye ... must be our Triune Lord's providential care of ye, matey! Ye must know what ye are up against my Persistent Privateer! Are ye sure ye want to carry on? Alright then, if ye are of a mind. Can ye tell me what be the names of three weapons of those miscreat rascals? Beware! Going amongst those vile jackals, many have "gone on account" or turned pyrate whilst trying to do good.

Secret Message in a Bottle #4
Avast ye Persistant Privateers .... don't be in a hurry to walk the plank! Here be a clue for ye.

Jumble Puzzle Letter: M

Journey #5
A ship has been sighted that is flying the Jolly Roger! Ah, it be the fearsome Royal Fortune, a pyrated French brigantine warship. Her captain be known as the "Gentleman Pyrate" who always dresses up for battle and allows no drinking or gambling on board his ship. All of his mates must sign a strict Code of Conduct afore signing on. He encourages prayer instead of rowdy behavior. Tell me, ye worthy sea dogs, before we enter into battle, what be the name of the "Gentleman Pyrate"?

Secret Message in a Bottle #5
If ye need a clue as to the identity of this doghearted, yet "gentlemanly" pyrate, go here and seek out his tale.

Jumble Puzzle Letter: U

Journey #6
Avast, ye loyal Privateers, the Royal Fortune has turned about and is in full sail. We'll soon be in the heat of battle. Let us pray to our Lord for a victory against these pyrates who masquerade as gentlemen! Man the cannon! The Golden Hind has 40 cannon, so can ye tell me what her Naval Rate would be when she is calléd and classified as a warship? Also, I need to know how many mates I need to fully man all 40 guns (cannon)?

Secret Message in a Bottle #6
We are almost in the heat of battle; yet, be quick as lightenin' and go look up this information, but hurry and be back afore the fightin' starts!

Jumble Puzzle Letter: A

Journey #7
Phew, brave sailors, I am glad to see that with the assistance of our Master above, we have managed to frighten off the venomous, boil-brained, plume-plucked crew of the worm-eaten, curséd Royal Fortune. Unfortunately, we have some damage from cannon shot and are takin' in water. We must head for the nearest port. Let's see, that'll be Charleston, South Carolina. We are goin' to have to run the Union blockade to get there as it is now 1863 and the American States are embroiled in a divisive War Between the States. The Northern navy of the United States has the Southern ports blockaded in an attempt to keep the Confederate States of America from shipping out cotton and shipping in war materials from sympathetic Europe. The most famous blockade runner is the Robert E. Lee who made 21 separate runs past the Union ships, but we are going to visit another runner in port called the Greyhound. Can ye tell me, mateys, what be the name of the famous Confederate spy who was onboard the Greyhound when she was captured? Also, how much gold in American dollars did she dump into the ocean prior to her capture?

Secret Message in a Bottle #7
Don't let yo'self get worked into a state, for here be a clue that has been left for ye to ponder over.

Jumble Puzzle Letter: G

Journey #8
Come Privateers, let's gather on the fo'castle to give thanks to our Lord for allowing us to slip through the Northern blockade and once more be on the open sea. Look sharp, sailors, we are to be boarded tonight by the famous Captain James Cook and a few men from his brave crew. Swab the decks and polish the brass, I want everything shipshape. Ah, there, I have sighted his ship approaching in the spyglass. Do ye swabbies remember the name of the ship he sailed on his first voyage? Also, can ye tell me what be the names of four islands that he discovered?

Secret Message in a Bottle #8
Look over yonder. There be a messenger beckoning ye to follow him and see a clue

Jumble Puzzle Letter: L

Voyage #9
Ah, me lads and lassies, we have come upon a spell of thick, pea soup fog. Let's keep a sharp lookout for a lighthouse, sailors. As ye know, lighthouses are identified by their shape, their markings, and the
flashing signal of their lights. By me reckoning, we are not far off the Outer Banks of North Carolina. What's that, lad, ye can see a light? Ah, the good Lord has intervened again, we have sighted a light. Let's see it appears to be a tall, narrow type of lighthouse made of unpainted, reddish brick, and its light flashes on for 3 seconds, and then off for 17 seconds. Can any of ye bright lads and lassies tell me what be the name of that lighthouse, and where it is located so we can get our bearings? And I tell ye, matey, there be extra rations at supper tonight if ye can tell me what a fresnel lens is and why it was superior to an open flame.

Secret Message in a Bottle #9
Patch is whispering that if ye would just go here, ye can find out everything
ye need to know about these beautiful and useful lighthouses.

Jumble Puzzle Letter: S, R

What is the name of the rotational ocean current in The North Atlantic Ocean that is caused by a combination of the trade winds, the westerlies, and the earth's rotation?

__  __  __  __

__  __  __  __  __  __
(Hint: two words)

First Mate Patch and meself set sail on July 19th in the year of our Lord 1999, but I still be lookin' for a few clever, hard working sailors to sign on for this perilous undertaking. I have been commissioned by Her Royal Majesty herself to seek out and capture those thievin', yellow-bellied, crimson coated, villainous pyrates. As I don't want any funny shenanigans on board, ye must solve the introductory clue to prove your mettle. If ye have a hankerin' for the open sea, and would be interested in signing up with a God-fearin' Cap'n and crew, then ye be welcome. I must warn ye, however, our mission be dangerous and I cannot guarantee our return, but know that we set sail on a mission for our Queen and for our Lord.


           Cap'n James and Patch


Cap'n James and First Mate, Patch, illustration and text Copyright 1999 PrestonSpeed Publications all rights reserved

© 1997-2004, Beverly Schmitt all rights reserved
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