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Reformation Day
Reformation Day
Luthers' 95

Reformation Day
aka Halloween
Table of contents


Faire Activities

Faire Events

Faire Posters





Word Power



... no cursing the darkness allowed!

Ye are the light of the world.  A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.  Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house.  Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.
                                           Matthew 5:14-16

Unfortunately, today, too many Christians focus their attention on the celebration of Halloween thereby giving even more publicity to the occult and those knowingly or unknowingly participating in it. Worse still, many Christians hide in their homes turning off the lights to discourage trick-or-treaters and remain virtual prisoners in their own homes !

Taking a pro-active, evangelistic approach to Reformation Day (on 31 October 1517, Martin Luther tacked up his 95 Thesis on the church doors of Wittenburg where the practice of indulgences are discussed) may prove much more fruitful.

A Great Reformation Day Faire can occur either at a church, but more preferably in the backyard in a neighborhood. In this way, Christians can invite trick-or-treaters to join in and have fun with Great Reformation Day activities. Rather than taking an antagonistic approach, invite trick-or-treaters in saying something to the effect of --- "Thou art dressed most unusually! Ah well, wilt thou care to join us in our celebration? Thou shalt visit many a fun shoppe, converse with important personages, or perhaps thou wouldst care to cast thine eye upon the events of the day? Thou wilt surely enjoy the many delicacies here and mayhap join in on the revelry!"

In this way trick-or-treaters will be kept safe from the hazards of Halloween (e.g., razorblades hidden in candy, poisoned "treats", etc.) and the unChristian nature of Halloween which will, undoubtedly, relieve the fears and concerns of the parents of trick-or-treaters. Moreover these parents are sure to join in the festivities and enjoy themselves, too, making this day a memorable one for the trick-or-treating family! Perhaps your village, town, city or metropolis may even re-initiate this custom to His glory!


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Great Reformation Day Faire Activities


Street Vendors

Shoppe Signs

Town Crier



Have a Great Reformation Day Faire in your neighborhood or at church. Here are some ideas of things to do at the Faire ...


1)  Shoppes  Create shoppes for various merchants out of the cardboard packing boxes large appliances come in which are generally free from an appliance store.  Next, make a sign for your shoppe out of construction paper and apply it to the shoppe (sign directions below).  Here are a few ideas for shoppes and things to "sell" and display.  Outside of whatever shoppes are selected for the Great Reformation Day Faire, have a costumed interpreter explaining what that particular craftsman did.

Have children create various items that would have been used like candlesticks, pitchers, etc. out of aluminum foil
  sachet merchants
Make the sweet smelling sachets folk wore around their neck or on their clothing to smell good (the forerunner of deodorant!)
Find old mismatched shoes to doctor up (e.g., tennis shoes to color with markers, etc.) to display and "sell".
Children can make things out of homemade play dough while older youth can actually make homemade delectables to "sell".
silk weaver
Use old sheets or various remnants from the sewing "room" in your home to show as wondrous materials from throughout Christendom and beyond.
  paper maker
If you have time, have your scholars really make paper! However, if time runs short, use various colors of construction paper to place about the shoppe.
Before taking your family's old clothing to the thrift store, select a few pieces to display in the shoppe along with old bedsheets to roll up around the cardboard insert on paper towels (bolt of cloth).
Play money in an ornately decorated "treasure" box (i.e., shoe box) is probably the easiest shoppe to create.
The druggist's shoppe would have had some sweet smelling herbs and spices along with foul smelling ointments.
  toy merchants
Decorate large cans or oatmeal containers to make drums, rag dolls, corn husk dolls, etc.
orange seller
Stud an orange with cloves and tie with a ribbon to "sell". Folks either carried or pomanders hung from belts during this time to get away from odor.
  cloth merchants
This shoppe displays various types of cloth which can be (1) old bedsheets, (2) tie dyed T-shirts via food coloring, and/or (3) cheesecloth that has been dyed with food coloring or natural ingredients.
Wild flowers, dried flowers, old silk/plastic flowers, flowers made from nose tissue do nicely for this shoppe. You may also want to make wreaths or "wreaths" to wear on your head with brightly colored ribbons attached to them.
  candle makers
Display "real" candles about the shoppe whilst having a craftsman making candles out of candle kits (Note: I recommend using the candle kits that do NOT require heat). Younger craftsmen can make candles out of tissue paper with red (tissue) flames.
This highly skilled and highly paid boat maker can have various homemade paper and/or finely crafted boats displayed about the shoppe.
In the coinmaker's shoppe have various types of play money attractively displayed.
Have younger scholars make fish from construction paper perhaps hanging them in bunches with string from the shoppe's roof.
Homemade brushes can be constructed with various twigs tied together with twine which may be displayed among post modern brushes (just pretend the post modern brushes are old!)

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2)  Street Vendors  These merchants may or may not have had a shoppe.  However, they would sing their wares. Have your scholars compose VERY simple tunes to attract Faire attendees to buy their wares.

song sellers
Print off the various nursery rhymes on the History through Nursery Rhymes pages and clip to the song sellers' costume to "sell".
  chap book seller
Most of our nursery rhymes have come down to us through this industrious street vendor. After printing the Nursery Rhymes off, roll them up, and tie with twine to "sell".
chimney sweep
The costume of a chimney sweep would need to have a large brush (if possible), coiled rope to hang about a shoulder, rags, and a bucket.
This industrious worker offered his services to carry goods for people as the streets were generally too narrow for carts.

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3)  Shoppe Signs Many shoppe signs during this time were pictures to show a particular craft or service. A shoemaker, for instance, may have had a shoe on his sign; an inkeeper, may have had a cow and a beverage in a glass; and a fishmonger may have had fish on their signs. The signs can be made in a variety of ways with either construction paper, fabric, or felt. Attach the signs to a dowl (which are inexpensively purchased) and attach it to the shoppe. Be creative and have FUN!

4)  Town Crier Have the news of the Great Reformation Day Faire shouted in the "streets" by the town crier especially if you intend to have any special events. (Event ideas are described below.) Otherwise, you may wish to invent some news e.g., announcing how Farmer John's nanny goat ate the lord of the manner's underclothes off the line for the third time that month, that swineherders are expected to keep pigs from roaming into the cathedral, etc. Have fun with the "news"!

5)  Clothing  Boys shirts should not be tucked in and their sleeves can be made fluffy by tying string around the elbow and wrist and pushing up. Girls will need long dresses or skirts while blousing the sleeves in the same manner as the boys. Pass out light weight mugs (or perhaps paper cups) attached to twine to all Great Reformation Day Faire attendees which, in turn, are tied to the belt. (If one bought a drink during this timeframe, folks were expected to provide their own cups. Moreover, food is eaten with the fingers).  Another costuming idea is to simply visit yard or garage sales and modify clothing to fit the times!

6)  Costumes  If you are really industrious, check out some of these costumes from the 14th century, more 14th century, 15th century, 15th & 16th century, 16th century, more 16th century, 16th & 17th century, more 17th century, 17th & 18th century, 18th century, more 18th century , late 18th century, (Remember: Many scholars masterfully argue that the Great Reformation is continuing today as seen in the Christian private school movement and the Christian homeschooling movement)


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Great Reformation Day Faire Events
Here are some ideas for events for the Great Reformation Day Faire ...

1)  The Plague Have your scholars volunteer to be a plague victim. Next, have a volunteer be a reporter complete with microphone and video cameraman. The reporter can interview various plague victims as well as interviewing, perhaps, a child that had been with a group of children playing "Ring Around the Rosey" to interpret this nursery rhyme. If you have time to be fancy ... go to the store and buy a huge plastic spider cutting off two legs. Paper mache a large rat painting it gray or black, impale the former huge plastic spider with a wire hanger connecting it to the paper mache rat that has been painted. Next, make a sign something to the effect of, "The flea did it! Down with fleas!" with Christmas blinking lights around the sign and pointing to the "flea" (aka as the plastic spider minus two legs).

2)  The Great Fire of London With some of the cardboard packing boxes that large appliances come in (which are generally free from an appliance store), have the children use either black paint or black marker at the top of the box and at the "windows" and "doors" on the box to show burning. Next, cut out flames from orange, red, and yellow crepe paper and attach to the roof, windows and doors. Place a fan in the shoppe and/or home to make the "flames" "burn". Have the "reporter" and video tape camerman interview fire victims.

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Reformation Day Posters  Consider placing posters strategically about the Reformation Day Faire. Here are two examples of the contents of some posters that were done for such a celebration.  Perhaps, you may even choose to have a costumed interpreter saying, "Hear ye, hear ye !  Come one!  Come all !  Announcing the Great Debate !  Cheer on your champion !"

Come listen to Dr. Martin Luther !!
Tired of being fleeced by wolves in sheep's clothing? True Christianity cannot be bought or sold !
Tired of having to buy your blessings and paying your way out of purgatory? Blessings cannot be bought from our Triune King. He alone dispenses blessings and salvation!
Come and listen to the great debates !!! Cheer for your champion ! *NOTE: This offer is NOT void where prohibited by the pope

$$        Indulgences for Sale !!       $$
$$  Tired of following God's Law-Word?  $$ $$  Want your sins forgiven before you commit them?  $$
$$  Want access to heaven without all the bother?  $$

$$  At the very instant that the money rattles at the bottom of the chest, the soul escapes from purgatory, and flies liberated to heaven ! $$

$$  You, too, can purchase your way into heaven!!  $$

$$  Come and I will give you letters, all properly sealed, by which even the sins that you intend to commit may be pardoned.  $$

Have your sins forgiven BEFORE you commit them !! $
$$  Come 31 October and Tetzel will help you out of the drudgery of daily Christianity !  $$ * NOTE: All Tetzel's actions are blessed by the Pope.


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Reformation Day Puzzles

Select the puzzle(s) you would like.
Click on PDF File.
Print off !

Famous Reformers Word Search PDF File
Reformation Day Maze for the youner ones PDF File
Reformation Day Maze Older Students PDF File

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Reformation Day Analogies

Complete the following analogies.  For analogy help, click here.


George Washington is to Father of the United States as John Wycliff is to .

Auld Lang Syne is to Robert Burns as A Mighty Fortress is to .

Yankee Doodle is to War of Indepenence song as A Mighty Fortress is to .

Duty is to good citizenship as cheerful service is to .


Click here for Reformation Day Analogy Answers


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Reformation Day Alliteration


Alliteration is a lot of fun and great for long car rides.  For alliteration help, click here.


Cheerful chivalrous Christian covenantors chose chilled chocolates.

Do your own Reformation Day Alliteration for Luther, Calvin, Knox, Scotland, Germany, England, Europe, huguenots, covenantors



If you have difficulty creating alliteration phrases, try the formula below ...













/ Adverb



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Reformation Day Onomatopoeia Activities

Remember:  Onomatopoeia = Words that imitate sounds or sounds that are linked with objects. In short, literary sound effects.
(from Greek = name-making)

Pronounced:  on-o-mat-o-PEE-a

Quick ... what sound ...

what sound do you hear when children dress up as famous reformers and their family members?
what sound is heard when a family thanks God in prayer for the sacrifice of these reformers?
what sound do you hear when a family get ready to sing the Battle Hymn of the Reformation?


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Reformation Day Analogy Answers
George Washington is to Father of the United States as John Wycliff is to Morning Star of the Reformation; Auld Lang Syne is to Robert Burns as A Mighty Fortress is to Martin Luther; Yankee Doodle is to War of Independence song as A Mighty Fortress is to battle hymn of Reformation; Duty is to good citizenship as cheerful service is to Christians.


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Request:  Do ybu have any special activites (craft, academic, or otherwise) for More Reformation Day Activities?
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