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Welcome to the Special Days and Holidays Page

Enjoy using the academic and fun projects on the Special Days and Holidays below.  Just remember ...

This section is always under construction!

If you have any ideas to share or comments, please e-mail

New Years

Income Tax Day

Labor Day

Groundhog Day

Arbor Day

Columbus Day

Valentines Day

Mother's Day

Reformation Day
aka "Halloween"

Presidents' Day

Memorial Day

Veterans' Day

St. Patrick's Day

Flag Day

Christian Heritage Week

Palm Sunday to
Good Friday

Father's Day

Thanksgiving Day



Pearl Harbor Day 

April Fool's Day

Independence Day

Christmas Day

Holidays and Special Days are a wonderful way to teach history, math, science, literature, music, arts, and more.   Even the word "holiday" comes from the Christian Worldview.  Holiday is the contraction of two words  "holy" and "day".

Alliteration, analogies, onomatopoeia, word power (anagrams), puzzles, coloring pages and more can be found in the activities sections in the holidays below.  Each holiday also offers a range of music with most tunes providing a PDF file worksheet you may print off with vocabulary, imagery, poem mechanics, comprehension questions, What does the Bible say?, author, geography, activities and more to help your scholars appreciate and understand the lyrics.  What Does the Bible Say? offers an outline of scriptural verses to aid your scholar in understanding and appreciating that particular holiday or special day from a Christian Worldview.  

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