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So why is math important? (Christian Worldview)  Music, art, language, amusement parks, and most other things that cause joy would simply not be possible without math.  We should never be content to simply study numbers, but to study the One that created the numbers. A few years ago, a little boy shared that he thought math was boring.  "Boring?!?  Oh, I see, you are not a Christian."  The little boy took offense saying that he most definitely was a Christian.  "How can math be boring to a Christian since God created it and God is not boring?!"  The little boy has not complained about math being boring since.

Math Families
Check out the new PDF Worksheet file for math facts. Addition/Subtraction and multiplication/division exercises, along with Christian worldview of why we study math.


Addition / Subtraction ... Learn the 100 math addition/subtraction facts by families.  Includes exercies, story problems, and more



Multiplication / Division ... Learn the 100 multiplication/division math facts by families.  Includes exercies, story problems, and more


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