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Encouraging Others to Homeschool
or Private School
Table of Contents




Encouraging Others to Homeschool
or Private School



Remember:  Our goal is to educate people about homeschooling, not alienate them.  We do not want to push them away with a bad attitude on our part.



Encouraging others on a community level ...

#1 ... Prayer ... form a Prayer Warrior group to pray that covenant children will be taken out of government school where they are taught a foreign religion (e.g., humanism)

#2 ... Church library ... When finishing non-consumable homeschool books, place them in the church library. Encourage other families to place math, algebra, grammar, literature, science, movies, audiobooks, etc. in the church library.

#3 ... Vacation Bible School ... Teach 1 or 2 subjects or more depending on homeschooling and private schooling volunteers. Subjects like phonics, grammar, science, math, history, literature, etc. ALL FROM A CHRISTIAN WORLDVIEW. When non-believers think of Christianity, they need to think intelligent and caring. When they think of humanism, they need to relate same to emotionalism/emotional blackmail, faulty reasoning, and autocratic/domineering behavior.

#4 ... Church Bulletin inserts ... Offer to place inserts in the church bulletins in your community (not just your church alone) letting your community know when homeschooling curriculum fairs, informational meetins, etc. are occurring.

#5 ... Community Pastoral Meeting ... Most preachers meet with the other ministers/priests in their community (some as frequently as 1x/week). Be sure to have homeschooling handouts and contact individuals for the ministers of your community.

#6 ... Resource Box ... Put together a resource box complete with dividers for the various subjects (e.g., grammar, phonics, math, algebra, chemistry, history, geography, literature, composition, etc.).  Next, place catalogues and pamphlets under their appropriate titles.  Have this resource box placed in the church foyer and/or community library.  In short, place it so others see it immediately.

#7 ... Local Cable Information Channels ... Place ads for local homeschool informational meetings, homeschool curriculum fairs, etc. on your local cable information channel.  These tend to be VERY inexpensive and some cable owners allow such ads to be placed on their information channels for free.

#8 ... Newspapers ... Place an ad and/or a classified ad in your local newspaper.  Frequently, newspapers will allow classified ads from very small, informal groups to be placed for free.

#9 ... "Getting Started" Informational Meetings ... Hopefully, your church and/or local VFW or American Legion Hall will host an alternative "Getting Started" educational meeting.  Make signs from construction paper with Math, Phonics, Grammar, History, Geography, Science, Foreign Languages, etc. (one subject per one piece of construction paper) and place them around the room.  Next, show what book(s) are available for that particular subject OR have catalogues opened to that particular page illustrating the options for various subjects.  (Ask to have representatives from good private schools at your "Getting Started" informational meetings).

#10 ... Billboards ... This idea was a wee bit controversial in the chat.  Many homeschoolers are still concerned about NEA (National Educational Association) backlash.  There could be an alternative, however.  A grandparent or someone that has totally graduated all their youth from homeschooling could put up the billboard sign and when the paper trail comes back it would be to the grandparent.  What a GREAT witness !

#11 ... Newspaper Articles ... Print off the newspaper articles that are posted on the General Homeschooling Board and organize same by placing them in a 3-ring binder.  Next, place in church lobby and/or church library.  (NOTE: The articles generally are titled in the parenthesis with phrases like emotional/sexual/physical abuse, anti-Christian bigotry, etc. ... these would make good divisions)

#12 ... "Day in the Life of a Teacher" Folder ... One thing that would be interesting to do is to put together a "Day (or Week) in the Life of a Teacher" folder illustrating how little is accomplished at government schools during the day.  Basically it would show what a typical day or week is like for them in the government school classroom. Then, a contrasting folder of what can be accomplished during a typical homeschooling day.  Place in church foyer or public library.

#13 ... Homeschool Successes / Achievement Book ... Create a notebook focussing on the successes and achievements of homeschooling.  Place in church foyer or public library.

#14 ... Talk to the person who does the ordering of books at your local library.  Ask them to order homeschooling reference books and other resources.  Frequently, libraries are willing to work with homeschoolers.

#15 ... State Homeschool Laws ... Contact your state representative and secure a copy of the homeschooling law for your church and your local library.  Be sure to keep on top of homeschooling laws in your state.  Be informed !  


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Encouraging others on a personal level ...

#1 ... Prayer ... form a Prayer Warrior group to pray that covenant children will be taken out of government school where they are taught a foreign religion (e.g., humanism)

#2 ... Vacation Bible School ... Have your family volunteer to teach a subject you and your children enjoy (see above)

#3 ... Homeschool tools ... Show others the homeschool things you use

#4 ... Enthusiasm ... Tell others how wonderful homeschooling is discussing everything from your scholars favorite subjects, to clepping college courses, to field trips, to how close your family is, etc.

#5 ... Complaining ... Encourage complaining about government schools.  Constantly ask for examples.  Offer an alternative (homeschooling or private schooling).

#6 ... Peer Pressure ... Discuss dysfunctional socialization at the government school letting that person know you are concerned for their covenant children as well.  (Dysfunctional socialization can be anything from bad grammar, bad language, inappropriate clothing, drug use/abuse, etc.)

#7 ... Homeschool Graduation ... Let this be a community event.  In this way others will finally be able to talk to other homeschoolers that are bound to attend the homeschooled scholar's graduation.

#8 ... Compare / Contrast Academics ... Ask simple questions like "What do they DO all day trapped in government school?"  Talk about the time wasted taking attendance, collecting money for whatever, standing in line, discipline, and for older students changing classes, etc.

#9 ... Clepping ... Let others know that many homeschooled scholars clep college courses while still in homeschool and/or taking college courses at the local community school while in homeschool highschool.

#10 ... Church Groups/Activities ... Have your homeschooled scholars participate in church youth groups and let their natural enthusiasm for learning and learning God's Word shine.

#11 ... Bible Study Group ... Have a bible study on what God's Law-Word has to say about a Christian education.  You may want to use ... Christian Education? What's That?


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This page resulted from a Tuesday night Love to Learn Place chat held on 18 June 2002.  
Request:  Do YOU have any other suggestions for encouraging others to homeschool or private school?
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