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How to Organize a
Homeschooling Open House
Table of Contents




Items Needed


1)  To meet and encourage those considering homeschooling.
2)  To separate myth from reality with respect to homeschooling.
3)  To have experienced homeschoolers explain the process of homeschooling with those considering it.
4)  To have homeschoolers visible in your community to show there is a better way to educate.
5)  To demonstrate the Golden Rule to potential homeschoolers by guiding them through obstacles.


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Local Library
Local Karate School
As many places as possible in the community


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Yearly preferably in the spring, when people are most dissatisfied with government school!
This is a good way to become visible, and let people know that there's a better way.



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Items Needed:

20 pocket folders in different colors (not the kind with brads as the pockets folders are less expensive)


left pocket = State requirements:  

Any forms required by your State to homeschool
Idea sheets of how to fill in or complete required State forms to homeschool
Name, address, phone number of the person in your area where you must, by law, turn in these homeschooling forms
Summary of homeschooling laws in your state
     (See:  Home School Legal Defense Association's State Law Summaries)


right pocket = personal side:

Handouts with names, phone numbers, addresses, and web site of curriculum distributers
List of helpful homeschooling web sites
Homeschooling facts list
Articles that include simple statistics about homeschooling
Sticky labels to place an experienced homeschooler's name and telephone number on the inside of the folder


Where to keep folders:

give several folders to the library so the librarians have something to give to anyone who requests information on homeschooling
keep some folders in your car as you never know when you will be approached by someone about homeschooling


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Christian Education?  What's That DF File Print it !

Reasons to Homeschool PDF File Print it !


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Curious about what the Bible has to say about Education? Check it out at Christian Education? What's That?
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