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Reasons to Homeschool
Table of Contents




Older Students


Younger Students

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Reasons to Homeschool



Christian ...

#1 ... Glorify God

#2 ... Christ-centered curriculum

#3 ... Christ-centered graduations

#4 ... Being proud of Christ-centered, self-disciplined, hard-working, well-educated young adults God has given families to rear

#5 ... Building godly characters

#6 ... Build on skills learned and mastered in each academic discipline (precept upon precept)

#7 ... Teaches the homeschooled scholar the relationship between academics, the "real" world and their Christian duty

#8 ... Training warriors in the Christian faith in all areas of life including academic (e.g., math, science, history, grammar, phonics, literature, etc.).  Teaching Christians do not compartmentalize.  All things are for His glory!

#9 ... Transferring knowledge and experience from one Christian generation to the next

#10 ... Teaching good stewardship and protecting the environment (i.e., no utilization of buses)

#11 ... Biblical worldview interwoven into all subjects areas with the homeschooling student witnessing God's providential care

#12 ... Homeschooled youth will not have their beliefs ridiculed, mocked or contradicted before they are fully prepared to join the battle.

#13 ... Strong Christian witness in the community lets others know you take your faith seriously, not just on Sundays and/or Wednesday evenings, but every day.

#14 ... Fulfillment of the Christian duty to their offspring as presented in Deuteronomy 6:7


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Academics ... 

#15 ... Academics tailored to needs of individual scholar.  (Many different types of books could be in use for homeschooling due to the learning style of the scholar.)

#16 ... Encourage student to work in areas they have talent (e.g., math, science, grammar, musical instruments, etc.)

#17 ... Help student to master areas they are weak in

#18 ... Ability to forge ahead in various subject(s) without having to be held back for slower students (e.g., learning Shakespeare, challenging mathmatical concepts, etc.)

#19 ... Experiencing subjects, like grammar or math, do not have to be miserable and can actually be fun !

#20 ... Ability to learn history as it truly occurred and not how it has been changed for the politically correct

#21 ... not learning new math, new new math, etc.

#22 ... Having fun learning geography

#23 ... Reading literature at an earlier age and not having others spoil it

#24 ... Ability to learn foreign languages at an earlier age and not when a child is older when it becomes more difficult (Note:  Many homeschoolers consider Latin to be part of Language Arts and not a foreign language).

#25 ... Able to view academics as something fun, interesting, and exciting and even if it is not to have the self-discipline to learn same

#26 ... No sick/inclement weather days. School need not be missed due to sickness or bad weather.  Academics can be adjusted accordingly.

#27 ... No school phobias.  Scholars look forward to participating in school.

#28 ... Learning becomes a way of life and not a compartmentalized part of life.

#29 ... No unecessary, tedious busywork so idle hands do not get into mischief.

#30 ... Testing can actually be utilized the way it was intended from a Christian worldview (ie., to forge ahead in strong areas, strengthen weak points, preparation for those times when God tests us, etc.)

#31 ... In-depth study that homeschooled scholar is interested in

#32 ... Teaching and disciplining are possible as parents are better able to determine the causes of acadmic problems and solve them than government schools (such as whether a child is having difficulty learning the material or just not trying or being stubborn or unruly)

#33 ... The homeschooled scholar is not held back by slower students or dragged forward by faster students.  The pace of the studies is tailor made to each student's individual needs.

#34 ... Homeschooled students' studies are not determined by the latest unproven fad or trendy teaching method.

#35 ... Homeschooled students' are not forced to be a part of a grand social engineering experiment.

#36 ... The homeschooled student will not be sitting under the counsel of the ungodly (Psalm 1).  Moreover they are not urged or forced to become a companion of fools (Proverbs 22:15) unlike the false, steril, anti-social environment that breeds the dysfunctional socialization in government schools.

#37 ... Homeschooled scholars avoid government control via peer socialization

#38 ... Able to complete the thought/project working on without being interrupted by bells and whistles in the hallways (unlike the government school's Pavlov's slobbering dogs system)

#39 ... Do not have to ask permission to go to the restroom or take prescribed medication (e.g., asthma, kidney, etc.).

#40 ... Do not have to accept inappropriate labels or submit to inappropriate medications (e.g., ritalin)

#41 ... The government schools have "out-lawed" God, and therefore become inappropriate places for Christians to send their children.

#42 ... Homeschooled youth become excited when their curriculum arrives wanting to start it immediately unlike their government school counterparts that whine and complain when Government classes start.

#43 ... Homeschooled youth do not need a pass to be in the halls or the restroom.



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Family ...

#44 ... Building close relationships between parent / child / siblings

#45 ... Ability to build close relationships with extended family members (e.g., grandparents, aunts/uncles, cousins)

#46 ... Ability to tap talents of extended family members and have them teach the homeschooled scholar in those areas they excel in

#47 ... Ability to learn family history FROM grandparents and aunts/uncles

#48 ... Learning home economics in an appropriate setting ... in a home with a family ... and watching how it applies to REAL life

#49 ... Learning shop skills in an appropriate setting ... in a home with a family ... and witnessing how it applies to REAL life

#50 ... Participating in civics at an earlier age with family members (e.g., voting, participating in campaining for political candidates, working to pass bills, etc.)

#51 ... Ability to teach and encourage younger siblings or encourage other young homeschooling scholars

#52 ... Parents are also educated during the homeschooling process.  It is not uncommon to hear "I have learned much more teaching my children than I ever learned in school!"

#53 ... Meets the needs of a family schedule

#54 ... Frees the family from the tyranny of the government school calendar

#55 ... Parents set the standards and rules for what types of play are acceptable at "recess"

#56 ... Parents and other family members teaching, encouraging and re-enforcing courtesy and honor.

#57 ... Teaching daughters that being feminine is a good thing and that it is their duty to obey God with what He calls them to do 

#58 ... Training sons to demonstrate courtesy and honor to females without fear of condemnation from the politically correct crowd

#59 ... No more having bad days due to racing in the morning to shuffle children off to various buildings.

#60 ... Youth experience positive interaction with those in the community of all ages and backgrounds

#61 ... Students learn how to interact with other from mature adults.

#62 ... Homeschooled youth are able to live and study in an environment free from drug/alcohol abuse, profanity, and other anti-social behavior.

#63 ... A family's privacy is not violated at government schools by being forced to answer intrusive, personal questionnaires.

#64 ... Students eat healthy food prepared fresh everyday while thanking God for this provision.  They are enabled to eat in a friendly, decent manner free of food fights or other anti-social behavior.

#65 ... The family does not need to go to a doctor or spend money unwisely to get a piece of paper to explain why a student was sick with the flu for three days.

#66 ... Students can attend family weddings, funerals, baptisms and other important events without having to get permission from a government official.

#67 ... Families may take their vacation in the spring or fall when the weather is nicer, the prices are better, and the crowds are smaller.

#68 ... Child's self-esteem.  Homeschooled youth KNOW that their parents do not consider them to be nuisances and only tolerable in small doses.    Homeschooled children know they are loved and wanted.  Homeschooling families like each other.

#69 ... Parents (and not the government through our neighbors' taxes) are responsible for the training of the children they bear.

#70 ... More time together to build a strong family and good Christian character in children is required. An 8-hour school day, sports, music, homework, etc. does not leave much time for family.

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Peers ...

#71 ... Learning appropriate socialization skills

#72 ... Not wasting time in standing in line, changing classes, collecting money, discipline, etc.

#73 ... Field trips that meet academic needs and interests of the homeschooled scholar

#74 ... Not being restricted to like or dislike what the "in crowd" at government school approves of (e.g., not having to have a "herd mentality")

#75 ... Homeschooled scholar is able to be their own person without being manipulated by same-age individuals

#76 ... Homeschooling is more enconomical as the family does not have to purchase school clothes that are "in", school lunches, extracurricular activities, being bullied into helping with fundraisers

#77 ... Students do not have to deal with the risk of personal danger of assault from bullies on a constant, daily basis. The family helps the homeschooled scholar with quick one-liners for those occasions the homeschooled scholar runs into bullies.

#78 ... Families spend their money wisely in making educational decisions for their students.

#79 ... Children are not forced to artificially "grow up" too fast; however, since they are allowed to grow at their own pace, homeschooled children tend to mature in character more quickly than government schooled children.

#80 ... Homeschooled youth are allowed to have their own opinion.

#81 ... Children with learning diabilities are freed from a system that is embarassing, failing, and exposing them to the ridicule of their classmates.

#82 ... No group showers after P.E. or other encroachments on your personal privacy.

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Older Students ...

#83 ... Ability to do volunteer work for others less fortunate (e.g., geriatric facilities, SPCA, VFW/American Legion, etc.)

#84 ... Ability to do intern work for local veternarians, medical practices, attorneys, etc. to determine if that is the area they would like to purse

#85 ... Ability to meet with adults and not be intimidated or obnoxious

#86 ... Older students are available to work when same-age peers are in school.  Homeschooled scholars are able to adjust their study schedule so they can obtain the best employment opportunities in the community

#87 ... Older students reinforce their learning by teaching younger siblings

#88 ... No more false government school generated "generation gap," "generation X," etc. by separating young adults (teens) from their parents during the years they most need them.  Young people are forced to find role models and standards in immature friends rather than in their adult family members.  Instead, homeschooled families are experiencing the "all inclusive generation" that enjoys one another's company.


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Younger Students ...

#89 ... No staying up late and going crazy doing science fair projects.

#90 ... Extra hugs and kisses while cuddling on the couch homeschooling!

#91 ... Homeschooling may be done in jammies (which works especially well when a child or parent is ill).

#92 ... Academics can frequently be disguised as "play" which means homeschooled students have lots more time for play

#93 ... No more running to the store to figure out what to buy all those teachers for Christmas.  Instead, that time can be devoted to family endeavors and church/community projects.



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