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First Day Jitters
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First Day Jitters


First Day Jitters


Congratulations!  You have decided to "take the plunge" into the adventure of homeschooling!  Well done!

Why not turn it into a celebration !?!


Ideas for Celebrating Independence Day for your family ...

Orientation Day

Frequently, universities/colleges have an Orientation Day for incoming students to acclimate them to their new environment.  Teach your children how to start the day right by praying over the homeschooling year and the decisions the family will be making.

Homeschooling Orientation Day could include being an hour "late" for homeschooling, looking over the curriculum for the next year, deciding with your student(s) what subjects to do first, discussing field trips, getting a family portrait taken for your Family Homeschool Yearbook to be immediately followed up with a visit to a local ice cream parlour!

You may choose to have discussions of how "inclement" weather days and sick days will be handled (homeschooling with books and/or audiobooks and/or videos).

Discussing what types of field trips you and your scholar would like to take that would incorporate your curriculum as well as what you and your scholar like/dislike.

Homeschooling is becoming so popular that homeschooling groups are abundant.  You may want to discuss how much time you will want to spend with homeschooling groups realizing that this decision can be reversed later.



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