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Resurrection Day
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Resurrection Day !
Trial and Testimony
of the Early Church
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Other Movies




Unit Study Movie /
Book Recommendations


Books ...

For the Temple: A Tale of the Fall of Jerusalem, PrestonSpeed Publications
51 Ridge Road, Mill Hall, PA 17751

The story weaves an admirable and attractive story from the record of Josephus. The troubles in the district of Tiberias, the march of the legions, the sieges of Jotapata, of Gamala, and of Jerusalem, for the impressive and carefully studied historic setting to the figure of the lad who passes from the vineyard to the service of Josephus, becomes the leader of a guerrilla band of patriots, fights bravely for the Temple, and after a brief term of slavery at Alexandria, returns to his Galilean home with the favor of Titus.

Date: 70 A.D.
Location: Asia, Palestine
Main Event: Roman-Jewish War


Beric the Briton: A Story of the Roman Invasion, PrestonSpeed Publications
51 Ridge Road, Mill Hall, PA 17751

The invasion of Britain by the Roman legionaries is the setting for this story. Beric, a boy-chief of a British tribe, takes a prominent part in the insurrection against Rome under Boadicea. These efforts are useless against the mighty Roman army. For a short time, Beric and his companions continue the fight but are ultimately defeated and taken prisoners to Rome.
Through the eyes of Beric, the reader will learn of life in Rome, the gladiatorial schools, the great fire and life in Neros court. This classic work by the masterful hand of G. A. Henty will shed light upon an event much neglected in history today.

Date: 61 A.D.
Location: Britain
Main Event: Roman Conquest

Fox's Book of Martyrs ... up through the Goth invasion


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Movies ...

Trial and Testimony of the Early Church
The first three centuries were decisive for Christianity. The very existence of the church itself was threatened by powerful opponents who wanted to destroy it. These programs go to the locations and use dramatic re-creations to bring you close to the early believers. A great attendance builder, this series has proven to be especially popular for small groups, Bible studies, and Sunday school. The support material is designed so that lay people can effectively and comfortably lead a group through this. The complete package includes: Six half-hour video programs, Full color companion book, Leader's guide, Reproducible student worksheets, Program scripts 3 hr Trial and Testimony of the Early Church

Tales from the Madhouse
Set inside the crumbling walls of a dilapidated Victorian sanatorium, eight mysterious characters reveal their secret stories to the visiting camera. The eight are linked by one unifying and crucial event in their lives: each of them has had an encounter with Jesus of Nazareth in some way - an experience that has left an indelible mark.

Here we meet contemporary versions of old and familiar characters found in the Gospels: Barabbas, a fellow prisoner of Jesus who was spared crucifixion; Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Jesus; a servant girl, who meets Jesus the night before his death; the duty bound centurion; the rich, young ruler now grown old; the widow of Nain, who found her son that was raised still had to die someday; and the thief crucified alongside Jesus. Each character brushed with Jesus in some way but missed their moment. They touched the light then lingered in the shadows. They were offered freedom but made friends with their chains. Now they are haunted by the memory of what was and what might have been.

This series will capture, hold and fascinate the audience, then linger on in their minds long after the credits have rolled. It is sure to evoke a whole new perception and response from believers and skeptics alike as the power and passion of the Easter story unfolds in this dramatic presentation performed by a top cast including Joss Ackland, Tony Robinson, Helen Baxendale, James Cosmo, Peter France, Eileen Atkins and Jonathan Pryce. Includes FREE 96-page companion guide! 1 hr 52 min

Scheduling Ideas ... we tend to ONLY do Trial and Testimony of the Early Church for two weeks during Easter break

Possible Trial and Testimony of the Early Church Schedule



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Other Movies (The following movies will need Scriptural correction) ...
See At the Movies, Ancient, for film descriptions


King of Kings
Jeffrey Hunter stars in this beautifully filmed life of Christ. Panoramic scenes of battles between Roman legions and Judean rebels contrast with the serene faith of Jesus. Includes scenes of Christs Sermon on the Mount, His selection of the apostles, His Passion, Crucifixion and Ascension. The life of Christ with simplicity, taste and reverence. 2 hr 50 min -- Scriptural correction will be required

The Robe with Richard Burton, Jean Simmons, Victor Mature, 1953, Color, approx 135 min., Twentieth Century Fox ... Marcellus Gallio, a Roman centurion, carries out Pilates crucifixion order. He wins Christs robe in a dice game. Then, thinking hes been bewitched by the robe, he leaves it with his Christian slave, Demetrius. Haunted by his own guilt, he sets out to find Demetrius and the robe. On his journey, he finds faith in Christ, with the help of the woman he loves. Also starring Richard Burton (2 hr 15 min)

Demetrius and the Gladiators with Victor Mature, Susan Hayward, Anne Bancroft, Debra Paget, 1954, Color, approx 102 minutes, Twentieth Century Fox

Quo Vadis (1951) with Robert Taylor as Marcus Vinicius, Deborah Kerr as Lygia, Peter Ustinov as Nero 171 minutes, color Scriptural correction will be required Robert Taylor stars as a heroic military commander under the mad Emperor Nero who falls in love with a beautiful Christian woman (Deborah Kerr). Amidst many visual splendors and a cast of thousands, the film focuses on the struggle between the early Christians and Nero, and the spiritual journey of Taylors character that brings him in direct conflict with Neros might. 2 hr 50 min


Ben Hur (1959, MGM) Charlton Heston plays Judah Ben-Hur Film takes place in the beginning of the 1st century. Rich Jerusalem citizen, Judah Ben-Hur, meets his old boyhood chum, Messala, who arrives as commanding officer of the Roman legions to Jerusalem.  (Can you spot ... a trumpeter wearing a watch in the chariot scene? a modern bolt holding the spikes to the chariot hub? Heston, when visiting the hurt Messala, places his head covering on the table but when he returns not only the headcovering but the table are gone? the Holstein calf in the stable was a breed unknown in this area until 1922?).  Based on the book Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ by Lew Wallace © 1880.  Lew Wallace is interesting.  He helped to hang Lincoln's assassins.  As a humanist, his goal was to go to the Holy Land and "prove" Christ was a hoax.  Obviously, he changed his mind and wrote the book Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ Scriptural correction will be required

The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965) with Max von Sydow as Jesus, Pat Boone as theYoung Man at the Tomb, José Ferrer as Herod Antipas, Van Heflin as Bar Amand, Charlton Heston as John the Baptist, Martin Landau as Caiaphas, Angela Lansbury as Claudia, Roddy McDowall as Matthew, Sidney Poitier as Simon of Cyrene, Claude Rains as King Herod, John Wayne as The Centurion, Shelley Winters as Woman of No Name, Ed Wynn as Old Aram and more Scriptural correction will be required

Barabbas (1962) is the story about the criminal that was set free so that Christ would be crucified with Anthony Quinn as Barabbas Scriptural correction will be required (144 minutes)

The Silver Chalice (1954) with Virginia Mayo as Helena, Jack Palance as Simon The Magician, Paul Newman as Basil, Alexander Scourby as Saint Luke, Lorne Greene as Saint Peter, E.G. Marshall as Ignatius, Natalie Wood as Helena, as a child -- based on the novel by Thomas B. Costain Scriptural correction will be required

The Sign of the Cross (1932) with Charles Laughton and Claudette Colbert. Christians seek religious freedom under the constant threat of slaughter from Emperor Nero

Constantine and the Cross with Cornel Wilde (120 minutes)


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