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Gender PDF File Worksheets
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Grammar Gender


Why Grammar?  Christian Worldview  Many of us that attended government school either never understood the importance of grammar or did not care.  Some only performed the grammar exercises since it was required and/or we did not want to get "in trouble."  This is so sad because grammar is not just about the mechanics of language, but has a Christian worldview behind it.  Grammar, as in all things in creation, points us to our Lord.  


Gender PDF File Worksheets (includes flashcards)



Masculine Gender Definition:  Nouns which are the names of males.  
Example:  tiger, duke, husband, gentleman, boy, he, his

Feminine Gender Definition:  Nouns which are the names of females.  
Example:  tigress, lady, lass, wife, girl, she, her

Neuter Gender Definition:  Nouns which are neither male nor female.  
Example:  box, book, desk, bench, book, barn, it

Common Gender Definition:  Nouns which the gender of an object is not known.  
Example:  neighbor, parent, friend, bird, people, cousin, them, they, we, us


Name the gender of each of the following nouns

son daughter brother sister father
cousin mouse boy general house
ship mother tree apple goose
drake brush uncle Douglas Anne
niece England clock pitcher leaf
cow friend George mom road


The masculine gender may be distinguished from the feminine in three ways.


1.  By the use of different words

    Masculine              Feminine

bachelor maid / spinster
beau belle
boy girl
brother sister
cock/rooster hen
drake duck
father   mother
gander goose
gentleman lady
hart roe
husband wife
king queen
lord lady
lad lass
male female
man woman
Mr. Mrs.
nephew niece
papa  mama
sir madam
son daughter
stag  hind
uncle aunt

2.  By a different ending

    Masculine             Feminine

abbot abbess
actor actress
benefactor benefactress
bridegroom bride
count/earl countess
czar czarina
don  doña
duke duchess
emperor empress
friar / monk nun
giant giantess
God goddess
heir heiress
host hostess
lion lioness
marquis marchioness
peer  peeress
prince princess
prior prioress
shepherd  shepherdess
songster songstress
sultan  sultana
tailor tailoress
tiger tigress
viscount  viscountess
widower  widow
wizard  witch
administrator administratrix
executor executrix
prosecutor prosecutrix
testator  testatrix
hero heroine
equestrian equestrienne

3.  By forming compound words

     Masculine           Feminine

gentleman gentlewoman
grandfather grandmother
he-goat she-goat
landlord landlady
man-servant maid-servant
peacock peahen
schoolmaster schoolmistress
stepfather stepmother


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