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Why Grammar?

Personal Pronouns
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Personal Pronouns

Personal Pronouns PDF File Worksheets
(includes flashcards)



Grammar Personal Pronouns

Why Grammar?  Christian Worldview  Many of us that attended government school either never understood the importance of grammar or did not care.  Some only performed the grammar exercises since it was required and/or we did not want to get "in trouble."  This is so sad because grammar is not just about the mechanics of language, but has a Christian worldview behind it.  Grammar, as in all things in creation, points us to our Lord.  


Personal Pronouns PDF File Worksheets (includes flashcards)


When Betsy came home, Betsy saw Betsy's mother cooking
dinner for Betsy.  When Hunter went to Hunter's baseball game,
Hunter saw Hunter's friend cheering for Hunter's team.

How can you improve the two sentences above?  What words did you use instead of the noun Betsy?  Improve the second sentence.  What words did you use instead of the noun Hunter?  It saves much more time, is more convenient and easier to understand what another is saying when we do not have to repeat nouns and use personal pronouns.  It is much easier to express our thoughts.  Improve the sentences below using other words for those in italics.

Emily stood at the door, holding Emily's sweater in Emily's hand
and leaning on Emily's cane from Emily's dance class.  Emily asked Emily's
mother if Emily's mother had any more school work for Emily.  "Emily cannot do
any more verb conjugations because Emily has a sore throat," Emily said,
"but Emily can read."  Casey looked Emily over.  Then Casey took Emily
to the kitchen and gave Emily a piece of Casey's hard candy.  Then Casey
asked Emily to do Casey's calculus assignment.  Emily laughingly looked at Casey.
knows Emily does not do calculus yet," said Emily.


Words that do the important work of taking the place of nouns in sentences are called pronouns.  The word pronoun literally means "for nouns."

The following list contains many useful pronouns

 I you thou he she it we they who which
my your thy his her its our their whose what
mine yours thine him hers ours theirs whom that
me   thee       us them    

Personal Pronoun Definition:  A pronoun is a word used instead of a noun.
                               Singular Pronouns = I, Thou, He, She, It
                               Plural Pronouns = We, You, Ye, They

First Person Pronouns:  I, we
Second Person Pronouns:  Thou, you
Third Person Pronouns:  He, she, it

Possessive Personal Pronouns:
my, mine   his   its   their, theirs
your, yours   her, hers   our, ours    

Rule:  The personal pronoun I must always be written as a capital letter.  The names applied to God, as Lord, Almighty, etc., and the pronouns used instead of them, begin with capital letters.

Exercise:  Name the personal pronouns in the following sentences

 1.  You and I can attend the lecture.
 2.  Neither he nor you can be present.
 3.  You and your brother should have been there.
 4.  They have come to see the park.
 5.  Henry and I will come to see you.
 6.  It will rain tomorrow.
 7.  She had promised to bring the book.
 8.  Thou shalt not steal.


Oral Exercise:  Verbally, say the sentences below.  Then, identify the pronouns.  Many mistakes are made in the use of pronouns.  By reading the following sentences frequently, aloud and distinctly, you will become familiar with the correct forms and be more likely to use them when speaking.

1.  Who is it?  It is he.  It is she.  It is we.  It is they.
2.  Who was it?  It was I.  It was he.  It was she.  It was we.
3.  From whom is it?  It is for me.  It is for him.  It is for her.  It is for us.  It is for them.
4.  To whom was it sent?  It was sent to me.  It was sent to him.  It was sent to her.  It was sent to us.  It was sent to them.
5.  Who is it?  It is you and it is I.  It is you and I.  It is you and he.  It is you and she.
6.  For whom is it?  It is for you and it is for me.  It is for you and me.  It is for him and me.
7.  Who is it?  It is I.  For whom is it?  It is for me.
8.  You and I are going downtown to get a package that is waiting for you and me.
9.  When you and I are ready to go, Joshua will go with you and me.
10.  Whom do you see?  For whom is that letter?
11.  Who is the sender of it?  To whom is it addressed?
12.  Let this matter be between you and me.


Oral Exercise:  Verbally, say the sentences below.  Then, identify the pronouns.

1.  It was he.
2.  It was they.
3.  It wasn't she.
4.  It isn't I.
5.  It is she and we.
6.  It was Robert and I.


Oral Exercise:  Verbally, say the sentences below.  Then, identify the pronouns.  Practice reading these sentences aloud frequently.

 1.  If I were he, I should go.
2.  If I were they, I should play.
3.  If he were not so lazy, he would succeed.
4.  If they were my friends, I should be happy.
5.  If I were he, he would be I.
6.  If I were she, she would be I.
7.  If I were you, you would be I.
8.  If it were colder, I should go skating.
9.  If we were at home, we should be happy.
10.  If she were more careful, she would use fewer and's.


Oral Exercise:  Verbally, finish the sentences below.

 1.  If I were, ____________________ .
2.  If you were, __________________ .
3.  If he were, ___________________ .
4.  If she were, __________________ .
5.  If it were, ____________________ .
6.  If we were, __________________ .
7.  If they were, _________________ .


Compound Personal Pronoun Definition:  A pronoun formed by adding self or selves to a personal pronoun.

Example:   myself, thyself, yourself, himself, herself, itself
               ourselves, yourselves, themselves


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