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Why Grammar?

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Why Grammar?  Christian Worldview  ... Many of us that attended government school either never understood the importance of grammar or did not care.  Some only performed the grammar exercises assigned since it was required and/or we did not want to get "in trouble."  This is so sad because grammar is not just about the mechanics of language, but has a Christian worldview behind it.  Grammar, as in all things in creation, points us to our Lord.  

Grammar Games
(includes noun, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, simple diagramming, flashcards, types of sentences and more) presents basic grammar concepts to your young scholars in a fun, light-hearted manner.  PDF files include Noun Fun, Adjective Fun, Adverb Fun, and Sentence Fun.  All PDF file worksheets have simple, easy to use flashcards.

Nouns ... Learning about common/ proper nouns, singular/plural nouns, concrete/abstract/collective nouns, singular/plural possessive nouns, personal pronouns and gender nouns does not have to be a miserable experience!

Verbs ... offers an alternative way to begin to tackle verbs

Proper Adjective & Proper Noun Fun ... Adjectives can be so much fun.  Start teaching your scholar about them now!

Redeeming the Time ...
is a Christian concept which, basically, means to convert something into value, to recover, to not waste.  Contractions, abbreviations, prefixes and suffixes represent this idea in a quick, easily understood manner

Prepositions ... coming soon !


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Just about every PDF Worksheet file has flashcards.  You may want to laminate pages that you will use repeatedly (e.g., conjugation pages).  Why?  Ink from your computer will smear with your fingers.  Moreover, the ink from your printer has wax in it; therefore, it will need to stay in a temperature-controlled environment otherwise the ink will glue pages together during hot weather or will chip off in cold weather.  If the page is laminated, the work is protected and it will be more cost effective in the long run as they will last longer.


Do not go on to a new level until your scholar has mastered the current concept you are working on.  Ask yourself this hypothetical question, "If _____________
(child's name) was woken up in the middle of the night and asked what _________________________ (the concept you are working on) was, could s/he answer it?"  If you are confident that the child has mastered the concept to where it is a reflex reaction, go on to the next level.

This is not the Indies 500 Raceway -- there is no need to race.  The goal is mastery not speed.  Why?  To better serve our Lord (see 2 Corinthians 10:5).


Flashcard Usage Ideas

1.  Laminate the flashcards.  This will ensure that you will be able to use the flashcards for your scholars for a long time to come.  You may also want to consider making a set of laminated flashcards for each scholar's personal use.

2.  Most of the flashcards in this series have been set up in such a way that you may use either side.  It is recommended, however, that you help your scholar master the concept by first flashing the front.  As your scholar masters the concept, flip the flashcard over and flash the opposite side.  If there is a question on the front of the flashcard and you are to the point of flashing the back of the flashcard, have your scholar answer by giving the question like the game show, Jeopardy.  In fact, you may want your child to see Jeopardy to more fully understand how to reply with asking a question.

3.  Keep your flashcards in canvas-style pencil holders and put then in each child's 3-ring binder or where you keep samples of your child's academic work.  In this way, the flashcards are kept altogether.


Special Note:  Most, if not all, of the PDF files have flashcards.


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