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Why Grammar?

Singular Possessives
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Singular Possessives

Singular Possessives PDF File Worksheets (includes flashcards)




Grammar Singular Possessives

Why Grammar?  Christian Worldview  Many of us that attended government school either never understood the importance of grammar or did not care.  Some only performed the grammar exercises since it was required and/or we did not want to get "in trouble."  This is so sad because grammar is not just about the mechanics of language, but has a Christian worldview behind it.  Grammar, as in all things in creation, points us to our Lord.  



Singular Possessives PDF File Worksheets (includes flashcards)


Do you remember what a singular noun is?


Singular Noun Definition:  When a noun means one only, it is said to be singular.  
Examples:  boy, girl, book, church, box


Possessive Case Definition:  When a noun shows ownership or possession

Singular Possessives General Rule #1
To show ownership or possession of a singular noun, add an apostrophe and the letter s ('s)
Examples:  boy = boy
's cap, girl = girl's jumprope, bird = bird's feather, mouse = mouse's tail


Quickly list some of the nouns (things) YOU own.  Now say your name before each of the things you own.  
Example:  Rachel
's hairbrush, Kathleen's pencil, Edward's ruler, Geoffrey's truck

The coma that hangs up in the air is called an apostrophe.  This shows that the noun owns something.


Fill in the blanks below with YOUR name.

 ____________'s shoes  ____________'s coat
 ____________'s book  ____________'s pillow
 ____________'s toy  ____________'s socks


Did you notice the apostrophe s ('s)?


Singular Possessives Review Rule #2
Frequently, many become confused when a singular noun ends in "s" thinking that the word is plural.  However, there are many singular proper nouns that end in "s" like Jesus, Jones, etc.  When a name ends in "s" or "es", simply add an apostrophe.

(King James Version)
Matthew 15:30 And great multitudes came unto Him, having with them those that were lame, blind, dumb, maimed, and many others, and cast them down at Jesus' feet; and He healed them.

Correct:  The Jones' car is blue.
Incorrect: The Jones's house is on Fourth Street.


Did you notice the apostrophe s ('s)?


Write the possessive of each of the following nouns and tell what each possesses.

man woman king teacher father
Matthew brother cow horse mouse
Abigail thief ox fox church
driver boatman scholar farmer apple
week Daniel lion fly fire


Change the phrases to possessive nouns
Example:  the wings of the fly = fly
's wings
              the feathers of the bird = bird
's feathers

the crying of the child
the trotting of the horse
the horn of the ox
the remark of the teacher
the growling of the dog
the singing of the girl
the socks of the boy
the sermon of the preacher
the phrase of Shakespeare 


Chance these expressions to form the possessive case
e.g.,  the wagon of the farm = the farmer
's wagon

1.  the horse of the rider
2.  the tool of the blacksmith
3.  the sweater of the child
4.  the eye of the ox
5.  the decision of the court
6.  the chair of the barber
7.  the wage of sin
8.  the punishment of a thief
9.  the partner of a brother
10.  the wife of the husband
11.  the crown of the king
12.  the oven of the kitchen


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